Crystal Clear Let it Glow Xmas Gift Set

Crystal Clear Let it Glow Xmas Gift Set



Crystal Clear Let it Glow Xmas Gift Set

All you need to achieve that beautiful glow this Christmas

Miraculous and multi-tasking, our Deep Cleanse Gel and Revitalising Tonic are just the additions your skin regime is crying out for. From quenching thirsty, dehydrated skin to tightening pores, mattifying and dissolving dead, dulling cells, our vitamin infused tonic will provide the perfect finishing touch to the cleansing section of your ritual, leaving skin perfectly prepped for serum or moisturiser. For an extra radiance boost, I have included our Brighten and Glow facial in a box, containing some of our favourite professional products such as Oxygen Face polish, No Shine mattifying moisturiser and Skin Repair; our all-time must haves are sure to provide you with that beautiful glow.

Morning & Evening

Step 1 – Super cleanse with our vitamin infused soap free cleansing gel. Apply a small amount of cleansing gel onto the palm of your hand and mix with warm water. Massage onto the face, neck and eye area using small circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and finish with a quick splash of cold water and pat dry.

Step 2 – Spritz with our vitamin infused tonic to quench the skin, shrink pores and provide a boost of radiance.

Weekly treat with our Let it Glow facial in a box

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate and buff with Oxygen Face polish
  3. Mix skin small amount Skin Repair with No shine serum and apply like a mask. Leave on overnight



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